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Saturday, 23 October 2010

I want to take action but where is the coalition of disabled people?

If one more person tells me not to worry cos it might never happen I will scream (again)!!!!

Maybe some people's way of coping with the inevitable is not to think about it. If you are a person that thinks (deeply) about things how can you not think about what is happening? This is all about deliberate homicide by neglect. Calculated and merciless!

Disabled people do not count, unless they can work and even if they can Britain is a country in industrial decline....the competition for what jobs are out there is high and unless the Government intends to positively discriminate, I can't see how disabled people with the ability to work (who aren't already working) are going to be 'accommodated'. And for those of us who can't work in mainstream.....there is no flexibility to work within the limitations of our illnesses. But let us be clear, the Government has no intention of supporting people with mental illness to work and I mean those with severe mental illnesses. I don't think that was the intention of the previous government either. When I spoke at their party conference about welfare reform and the disabled....and the possibility of flexible work options...I was looked at as if I had come from another planet.

It was all about recovery and that meant within specific deadlines set by the Government. It is slighly heartening to see that those who were actually part of the sub groups (ex NIMHE) are now contradicting themselves and saying 'it was all spin and no substance'. That is now the money has run out for them and they are forced to deal with the reality some of us have been living with since we can remember. However, it's too little too late. They were happy to buy into the spin when they were rewarded. Such is human nature and there will be those who will survive the culling by latching onto something, possibly government driven or by a middle class clique that intends to make itself 'the voice of the subclassed'...but I know how these things work. It's survival of the fittest and so the fittest will do alright out of it, whilst the least able get ignored.

I see some organised protests and wish I could be part of them. I just can't get to them. As ever, the more able are there, or disabled people who have those who support them to get there, whilst the least able and most isolated are left outside of things.

It would be something to see a coalition of disabled people, supported by the more able, protesting at what is to come. Sadly we haven't got the strength and against a political system that is hell bent on eradication, our time is running out.