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Monday, 25 October 2010

Connecting into Pro-Action and not just Reaction

I had closed my blog down to comments. Not going into details about why (some things are far more important than that). However, I am allowing comments because I want to connect with people who are worried about Welfare Reform, the future of disabled people and to share information in regards to protests and action that can be taken.

Due to my illness, I won't be able to get to many of the protests but hope that by connecting to other people, I will be able to get to some or pass information on. Whatever I can do, really.

If anyone else is going to the November conference, from the Bedfordshire area, please let me know. I can't afford £30+ pounds in public transport costs but am happy to contribute towards petrol.


  1. Finally MIND and Rethink and Together and Sainsbury Centre For Mental Health and Labour and all the User-elites - created the dark policy path of Camp-Recovery.... The final solution .. It was inevitable as the hatred rose towards the benefit classes for not "working" in an economy which broke many and saw little negotiation and real jobs .

    Even when MH Users tried to contribute they were booted off benefits or harassed by a system that did not allow then to find a way to contribute and have a safety net for their instability .. Its been cruel . Aided by Charities . I have no hope but need none now either .... There's just being here and being principled unto death whenever that might be . And of course hitting the charities with serious critique as long as I am here .

  2. Oh's fucking wicked isn't it?

    I really want to involve myself in some kind of united movement against all the crap is yet to come. Not like we haven't had many lorry loads of it already.

    I don't want to feel utterly helpless as my friends and I (and those disabled I don't know) are booted out of their homes and left to die on the streets. Am just so isolated here.

    Someone is willing to come along to protests with me but, at present, it is all about money. As in there isn't enough to get us there. Seems whatever is organised the poor and sick are excluded. Half of mean is frustrated to fekk and the other half is storing meds for what I fear is the inevitable.

    As for the charities..have written long and hard on here, asking just where the help is and why they aren't they fighting for the proper care support and a decent quality of life that disabled people should have...instead of charity toffs sucking arse to whichever government is in power.

    As ever it is all about the money, honey, and the fact that alot of what the banks had, they frittered and then it was fekkin gone and now the poor and sick are left to rot.

    Anyone wanna buy a colouring book with pictures of David Cameron (and his dog Cleggy)????

  3. People need a little hope and fellowship in their lives and if we can find ways to fight for what we believe in with likeminded souls that's about as good as it gets nowadays.

    Hope the various anti cuts campaign organisers in the Luton & Beds area get something sorted ref local demos and help getting disabled and isolated people to and from them where needed but most of anti-cuts sites I've come across to date have been mainly jobs and services focused and service users themselves seem to be bit of an afterthought.

    Broken of Britain is picking up.

  4. It's early days yet, M. There's going to be a lot of protesting to do...

    I'm doing my own at the moment: 2 years 4 months I've been waiting for the DP and clinical services...

    It was a nurse from a private hospital that got me to the emergency appointment this evening... It would've been a long and maybe even my last weekend without his charity...

    I think we need to form whatever group we can, with whatever people we have.

    I'll be one end of the nightmare in Cambridge and you can pull from your end.

    I nominate Mandy for President of the new Mental and Allied Neurologically Dysfunctional Yelling Club.

    That's the M.A.N.D.Y. Club