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Friday, 9 October 2009

There is no normal service to resume

Having felt slight reassurance from Minister for Care Services who, supposedly, stated that DLA payments were not under threat of being axed, it now seems that there has been a complete change around with charities claiming it is too late to save DLA and government murmerings that is more likey that DLA will have to be reformed (away).

What with time of year, overall feelings of debilitation and lack of optimism about the future of this country (under any government) plus strange goings on at 'review meeting' with Dad and visit to back consultant with friend (and the case of the disappearing and reappearing cyst and her being advised by said consultant that the best thing she can do is pray)...feel like I am living in the Twighlight Zone.

Just waiting for the next punch in the stomach.

Not much more to add. C'est la shitty vie.


  1. Manders,

    We are living in the Twilight Zone...

    Hope this new week brings a few positives

  2. Hallo Norm

    Would prefer The Twiglet zone. At least I could comfort eat there. :>)

    Remember that Monty Python sketch where people try and out-do each other about how poor they USED to be:

    "You were lucky. We lived in't cardboard box in't middle 'o road"

    ....I guess it is poignant in some way...someway I have yet to fathom.

    Afraid the British 'war' spirit evades me at present.

    Although I am sure I can find instructions on how to build a bunker in your back garden somewhere on the net. Ha!

    Gotta live in the most probably the moral, underneath all these ramblings and ,yep, know that depends on mental state in the day.

    Sure I will find some pozzies and make some and keep on keeping on until I am torn from this mortal coil.

    That most probably sounds rather grim but I think it is pretty pragmatic (for me) Ha!

    Hope pozzies are to be found your way too :>)

  3. cardboard box? nay lass, we 'ad nowt over our heads and the cardboard box dwellers in our street looked down on us.....

  4. Wondering how you're doing Mandy.

    Hope you're well. Dx