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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Practising my right to free speech

I can't stand radishes.

And that is my free speech for today. More to follow, tomorrow!!!!


  1. Good stuff Mandy. I have to say, a bit of constructive criticism does liven up your blog.

    This response surely does confirm the pointlessness of engaging with you..but I'm mildly amused.

    And obviously, the free speech jibe was directed at the NHS manager. If half of them were sacked tomorrow we wouldn't notice any difference...and the savings could be used for something useful.

    Anyway, shouldn't you be in bed?

  2. Cripes Mandy, It's hotting up around here.

  3. Anon

    If only I could let you close enough to kiss my arse.

  4. I'll tell you what Mandy. I can't be arsed. I can't believe you turned down my kind offer though.

  5. Just think, if you'd have said yes you could have brought Sally, Norm,
    HealthGuard and the NHS manager as chaperones.

  6. Ahhh another post about Pathways To Quirks ... The biggest of them being - whoops - the recession - caused by fantasy island economics spreading across the knackered out redundant western economies .

    I wonder what Thatcher would make of it all - the creation of too much credit without risks being assessed to pay it all back ...

    Free market economics is certainly now being picked off its arse by the Cackspayers...

    Get an activemeter too - to sort out who is coming on your blog and remains raking up the grass after they have arched their back four legs and dribbled ...


  7. Patientguard

    Thanks for advice on the activemeter but my view is is someone is arching their hind legs and urinating here...perhaps it keeps them from urinating elsewhere.

    I can bite back...some people can't!!!!

  8. PatientGuard...'arched their four back legs'...What? I have a dog, a rather beautiful labrador but she's obviously short of a limb or two.

    Mandy, don't listen to him. He's probably very jealous (he'd like to take you out for a drink but is scared of rejection) and he's had a bloody awful life, due to his having a rather unfortunate name.

    I only live in Kensworth. Just down the road,in fact, and I don't give a toss if you know it. I'm fifty one years old,moderately,but not obscenely, rich and not bad looking. The offer is still open.

  9. Stalker Dave

    Why has your dog lost limbs?????

    And you really should be obscenely order to weather the financial storm. Moderately rich is no guarantee of anything.

    Kensworth. Ha! ha!

    Don't tell me you been parked at the end of my road. What colour is my hair now?

    P.S. Brooke's Bar changed to Yates's about 10 years back.

  10. Brookes bar is on Castle Street, but maybe you haven't been out for a while. It's an ok bar and restaurant.

    Mandy, I've no idea what colour your hair is..and you'll be relieved to know that I don't know precisely where you live.

    And, my dog (actually, every dog I've ever met) only has two back legs. I think PG who has spent many years confined on the secure ward, reading fairy tales.

  11. P.P.S. Patientguard has carrot cake.

    It's my favourite!!!!!!

  12. Sorry, I don't think that last sentence was quite complete. Never mind.

  13. All my efforts are for nought. OH, woe is me.

  14. I tell you what SD, you know your google maps!!!!

    Not being a drinker (or venturing to the town much) I stand corrected. There...your ego can remain inflated.

    Why on earth would you wanna go out with a scrounging, irresponsible, feckless, moaner who will fill the air around you with ciggy toxins? I think you might need therapy.

    As for the whole dog thing. That is just plain weird.

  15. Mandy, Don't be silly. Read PG's comment carefully. A dog has four legs, only two of them are back legs. I really can't be any clearer.

    I think therapy is a waste of time for someone as happy and balanced as me, but you can disagree. Are you a therapist? You certainly like giving advice but I do think you might be a little bit bossy...ooooh, I do love bossy women.

  16. SD

    You're far too clever for me. I am a cat person and they use a litter box (which is preferable to my garden)

    Bossy women eh? My arse.

    You like to play ping a pong a day a long. Whatever your job certainly allows you are alot of freedom. To mess about with 'nare do wells'.

    Unless you have a rescue complex! The need to compulsively jab at people and then save them... from you.

    The closest I have come is Munchausen's by Proxy. You gotta watch what you are eating with people like that.

    Do you tamper with people's dinners?

  17. Yes, well when you're the boss you work your own hours...and I often work later.

    I don't know much about Munchausen's except that it has been largely discredited. Most people don't hurt others in order to get attention. I certainly don't.

    I don't tamper with dinners because I very rarely make them. I usually eat out. It's a hard life being moderately rich...which in your world would more likely be described as loaded.

    Sadly, we're obviously incompatible. I hate cats. Also, I thought you were smart but I had to do way to much explaining regarding the dog's legs. Shame,it could have been fun, and infinitely more exciting that munching on stale carrot cake with only the impoverished PatientGuard for company. Goodbye my lovely one.

  18. Ta ra chuck and may your money go with you