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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Latest Letter to MP, who asked me to contact him if I had further need of him

Dear MP

Thank you for your reply to the copy of the email I sent to important person at local council. I know there were ongoing issues for 2 year's prior to my father going into residential care. These included misdiagnosis by a psychiatrist, lack of appropriate support from both mental health services and social services, which I believe led to his suicide attempt.

During this time and up until autumn of last year, my father was in a hell of a state and I know that you were aware of the impact this had on my mental health. I am grateful that my father was, eventually and with my constant fighting for his wellbeing to be given priority, placed in residential care and now seems to have a combination of psychiatric medications which have lifted his mood to a point where he is less miserable and more able to interact with people within the care home and myself and my daughter.

However, I am not satisfied that any lessons have been learnt by the MH Trust, who having showed me the report they did in regards to an investigation I pressed for..refused to let me have a copy.

My main concern now is that what we have are layers of bureaucracy (both within MH and Social Services) that cover themselves...rather than acknowledge the damage the lack of appropriate intervention, when needed, and lack of providing transparent and honest information, when requested, does not only to people in crisis but also to the trust that was building between patients and the people designated to provide care to them.

I think this is an on-going problem. I have requested information...and very specific information in regards to decisions made about both mine and my father's care (viz a vie Direct Payments agreements and Residential Care agreements made at panel level). Either the information has taken months to be provided or has not been provided at all. Which has led me to believe that either people have acted neglectfully or deliberately have avoided providing the information, that was sought.

I am sure you appreciate how frustrating this is for me. I am a person who needs to know why things are how they are and to be provided the does my father. In fact, my father becomes quite paranoid if he thinks information is being kept from him.

I am not sure that you can do anything to change this. However, as a government, I believe the party you represent can do alot to enforce changes within existing care services and I don't mean to the detriment of them but to get rid of the ludicrous levels of bureaucracy, the with-holding of significant information to patients and to make these services more transparent and responsive to patient needs.

For your information, I have not heard back from the important person at the local council, since I sent the last email to him and this is nothing new for me, when dealing with public services. I think it is a case of only responding if they have and/or are legally obliged to.

Yours sincerely

Mandy Lawrence


  1. Mandy,
    In a perfect world all these issues would be addressed. But it's not perfect and we all do our best. Individuals will act in accordance with their mood an inclination and there is bugger all anyone can do about it. It is not possible to investigate every personal circumstance. The staff don't exist and even if they did, there is no accounting for what somebody might do. Unless you lock all the suss folk on a psych ward. Which would probably not go down too well. And rightly so.

    The fact is, we are all responsible for ourselves. That is not to say that we are alone but just to acknowledge that we live our lives according to our will. We also, sometimes, in extreme circumstances end our lives, and nobody can stop that. No-one can be blamed either.

    I truly believe that. We have a life. Each of us. We decide what we do with it. No one else is responsible.

  2. Anon,

    Your theory doesn't hold publicly funded bodies accountable or even responsible for their actions and simply allows you to adopt an intellectually shallow lotus position to shrug off systemic failure no matter how damaging it is to the individual or wider society .

    Here you also use it to effectively hold the author of this blog responsible for her NHS Trust's corporate anti-liability policy which enabled managers to restrict her access to a report that focused on how her Trust had responded before and after her father became unwell , disappeared and was found by police in another part of the country in a daxed and confused state. How responsible he was for his actions at that point remains an unanswered question because the report's findings were conveyed in a secretive and unhelpful mannaer to someone who was herself unwell at the time and denied a copy of the full report.

  3. Cuttothechase,
    I do not hold the author of this blog responsible for anything. It is, and was, and continues to be out of her control. Likewise any other poor soul cannot be responsible. If we wish for freedom, the ability to come and go, then we take responsibility for ourselves. If you wish to die by your own hand, you can.

  4. Yay man. I do what I want. It's my decision man.

    It's my sodding life. I'll do what I want.

  5. Anonymous
    Just pox of with your Daily Mail 'I'm so tolerant it hurts me crap'

    I am not tolerant of people like you and I don't give a shit if you aren't tolerant of me either.

    Sick of listening to these piss willie justifiable reasons why people don't get care. We need more voices shouting it loudly, so the whole world can hear, that the care isn't is half trained, half baked idiots who are either too stupid or too scared to help people in crisis.

    Fuck The Condems, Fuck The False Recovery Gurus, Fuck The Greedy Fucks bleeding this country dry (whilst snucking off their billions in Swiss bank accounts) and Fuck you!

  6. Hmmm, you know I'm right then or you wouldn't be so irritated. You and your family live in a free country which has run out of money. Even if it hadn't, there would be no pleasing someone like you who always has to have somebody to blame.

    I don't read the Daily Mail. So I don't know what you're talking about. You swear nicely though.

  7. Maybe, just maybe, Mandy, you should take some responsibility. Nobody else loves or knows your father like you do. He is your family. You should help him.

    All the abuse you mete out is not a good look. Get a grip and be nice. You reap what you sow. Sounds religious, but it's just common-sense. If you want help a bit less aggression would be a good starter.

  8. anon

    If your advice and comments made common sense you wouldn't be so busy concealing who you are and your relationship to them and for the record, you have no idea what the blog author has done for her parents or for other people , you assume you know, and you keep commenting because there's part of you that gets off on preying on people who seem weak but who are, in reality , actually a lot stronger , fairer , smarter and more decent and giving than you are.

    It's time you stopped hiding behind sentiments you really don't believe in and took responsibility for addressing the reason you keep returning here for attention , that big lie you are living, before someone else beats you to it.

  9. Cuttothechase, you make no sense. Just because you have a silly moniker doesn't mean that you have identified yourself. I have no idea who you are and to be honest, I already know all I need to about you.

    Your last paragraph is twaddle. The person seeking attention is the blog author who puts this stuff into the public domain. I have a fulfilled life and I'm very happy, thank you very much.

    Why do you keep coming back here? I think Ms. Lawrence can adequately defend herself and she is completely open about her real identity. Feeling as you do, could you please tell us the name which appears on your birth certificate?

  10. Cuttothechase, I'm a different anonymous. I'm almost certainly smarter, stronger and fairer than you. I'm almost definitely cleverer as well. Well them's the breaks.

    What big lie are you living, you sanctimonious arse?

    From now on, I will be known as nobullshit.

    And to the original anonymous I say, power to you.

  11. Good Morning Mandy,

    Would you do me the honour of coming to dinner with me?



  12. There's some real bleached shit on this comment area Mand. Cruelty in cleaned up chromiumed and playing a typical UK middle class game of suppressed superiority ..... They have no idea what they are talking about because they do not know you really, and text is easy to post and look cool with, until others who actually know you, also know its an act of cruelty.

    Cruel and smart go together with the UK middle class - its why you need the cunts in a non-intellectual corner - track em down etc and that's not impossible with the one person they have been fucking about with on here ...


  13. PG

    Doesn't take Einstein to realise what spineless cowards they are. Gonna fuck all these Trolls off so they will have to go on a hunt for some other poor soul to harras and they will cos that is what gets their juices flowing..dirty little perverts that they are.

    This is going to be a protest blog...with no comments allowed and bollocks to the Trolls having their say. Am not interested in their anal self pious drivvle whilst they are wanking themselves off!!!!!!!