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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Some light relief in Suffolk

My first and, possibly, last break with carers' group. I loved it but I think funding is going to be tighter than a duck's you know what in future.

From tap dancing to karoake, to magical mystery tours to the broads with some hopi ear candle massage and a couple of swims thrown in for good measure, it was a full and really enjoyable weekend. The piece de resistance being, sharing chalet with my mate Hayley, the friendliness of other carers I met and then meeting up with 2 other good friends (who travelled to meet up with me) on Sunday. Not forgetting the natives...squirrels, ducks and other types of birdies. I was told there were otters in the lake (on the grounds of the leisure park) but, sadly, didn't get to see them.

Now it is back to reality and I am very tired (everything seems to be coming back in at me). Had plan to visit a respite place today but am wobbling all over the staying put, sedated and resting as much as I can.

Have some happy memories to carry me through today :>)


  1. Manders,

    Glad you were able to chill out over the weekend in Norfolk , the sea and countryside are great for bit of necessary escapism and relaxation when the stresses are piling up and that part of the country , the east coast, broads and fens , is really laid back and welcoming . Pics are great too, love contrast of last two - that squirrel having his cake and you eating it. Cute;-)

  2. .....oops just had the 'Popular Front for the Liberation of Lowerstoft' on the blower pointing out that this veritable East Anglian Venice is actually in Suffolk not Norfolk.

  3. Cheers Norm

    It was pretty mellow...although there were so many things I could do, I started to get a bit busy at one point and had to take a step back and slow down.

    Feeling really shite now I am reality. Me, myself and my neurosis.

    Trying to get act together to walk to town. So far...act refusing to play fairly.


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